When Boxie comes out, devices go in

When Boxie is out, devices go in!! Leaving adults and children free to explore, laugh and play.

The Present Box comes with Boxie and a wonderful activity Playbook full of simple, creative ideas for you and your child to enjoy, tech free.

All you have to do is open the box, welcome Boxie to his new home and place your phone inside. Then it’s time to delve inside a world of wonder and creativity with the help of Boxie and his Playbook.



Don’t forget to let us know that Boxie has found a home! Use your unique code to register your Present Box (it’s under the lid!) and Boxie can then begin to share the magic of the ever growing Activity Engine Room with you.

You will also receive new activities into your inbox from time to time for FREE.

Go on!! Tickle your imagination….

But remember, only stay online long enough to find the activity you want! Then simply, let your imaginations lead the way…


Fun Speaks for itself
It’s fun to play together
It’s fun to laugh and learn
It’s easy to participate, we’ll all get a turn.
Experimenting and creating can be the best fun ever
We have time, we have togetherness, we’re creative and we’re clever!


The Engine Room of The Present Box is where all the fun is made. Boxie, will guide you through the games and activities on offer. Boxie and his friends like talking in rhyme so you’ll find a little verse explaining the sort of fun you can have with each game!

Getting Started

The Boxometer is there to help you find the ideal activity for your family. Key in the relevant age, choose whether you want to be inside or outside and how long you have to play, then indicate how messy you’re ready to get. Now press ‘Go’ and a selection of activities will appear.

Get ready for some serious fun!

“Boxie” and his friends will whisk you away into a world of simple, creative fun, encouraging you and your children to be curious about the incredible world we live in.